What to do in Pittsburgh

If you are planning a trip to Pittsburgh for the first time you may not know what the best way to get around this city is. Pittsburgh car rental services is the best way to get around Pittsburgh. With these services, you will be able to get to any place you want within your own time. You will not have to rely on public transport to visit the various places that this city has to offer. Pittsburgh car rental services are very affordable. You will not need to be concerned about blowing your budget.
You may also not know what things to see in Pittsburgh during your trip. We have come up with a list of recommendations to help you out a little.

The Cathedral of Learning.

Many people recognize this place as the Gothic Revival skyscraper. It is a building that stands as high as five hundred and thirty five feet. It was first built during 1926. 1931 classes began to be held inside even though the outside was still being worked on. The whole building was completed during 1934. The Cathedral of Learning was the main area for the facilities that are here today. It also comes with a food court. This Cathedral is certainly worth checking out if you are in the area.

The Duquesne Incline.

The Duquesne Incline is a funicular railway. It first began to operate during 1877. Here you will be able to see some outstanding city views from the cable cars. There are also a large number of displays and photographs that outline the history of this railway.

The Strip District.

This area sits along the Allegheny River. You will find it on the north-eastern side of the Golden Triangle. This was once an area that only had railway roads and warehouses. These days it has become increasingly popular for tourists to come to. There is always a lot of activity at different times of day and night. It is a fantastic location to come a enjoy the markets, dining, art and shopping. The small boutiques are a must see if you are keen to shop.

Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.

The Zoo and Aquarium are a must. The Zoo is home to at least five different habitats that are sure to impress. Its Aquarium is home to a vast array of different animals. These range from penguins, through to sharks and seahorses just to name a few. The area by the water is designed to focus on educating visitors about the coastal wildlife. You can also learn about the environment in this area. Another area of the Zoo includes the Tropical Forest. Here you will find animals such as capuchin monkeys, poison dart frogs, sloths and lemurs. There is even an area dedicated to Africa where you can check out the zebras, lions, giraffes and elephants.

The Carnegie Science Center.

Now this is one of a kind. This science center is located on the north side of the local river. You will easily spend hours here checking out well over two hundred and fifty different exhibits. All of these allow visitors to touch and experience them. There are a range of different activities to participate in including: SkyTykes ropes, and indoor climbing. Be sure to go to the Omnimax Theater, Observatory and Planetarium. Don’t forget the Miniature Railroad and Village. Not to mention the World War II section. Tours are also available for this particular section.
These are just a few of the many things you can do in Pittsburgh. We hope we have given you an idea of what to expect from this amazing city.

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